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Court cases

Not all cases are reported in law reports. Newspapers report what is ‘scandalous’ or local but are not particularly authoritative. There is a difference between transcripts, law reports, and newspaper reports.

Transcripts from higher courts are reported by the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII)

The Supreme Court’s decided cases

Rachel Lodge (Murray Edwards, m. 2016), is a Scottish Trainee Solicitor at Clifford Chance. Here she discusses studying law and keeping an open mind and how it led to her current career path.

The author, smiling, wearing a red scarf, against the backdrop of a pond or stream and a thicket of trees.
The author, smiling, wearing a red scarf, against the backdrop of a pond or stream and a thicket of trees.
Rachel Lodge as a Trainee Solicitor

When I decided to apply to study Law at Cambridge, I did so because I knew I wanted to work within the legal system and had met the grade requirements in my Highers (the Scottish equivalent of AS Level). I hadn’t seriously considered Cambridge, or any other university in England, before then. Being from Edinburgh, I thought I was set on studying Law in Scotland and becoming…

Emmanuel Goriola (Selwyn College, m. 2016) is a Trainee Solicitor who recently joined Clifford Chance. Here he reflects on how he came to study Law and his time at Cambridge.

The author, smiling, at Selwyn College, Cambridge
The author, smiling, at Selwyn College, Cambridge
Emmanuel Goriola at his college, Selwyn.

Q: How did you become interested in Law as a subject?

A number of different things came together really.

I did medical work experience in Year 11 but absolutely hated the hospital environment. The thing I found most exciting was talking to the junior doctors about medical negligence and their duties as doctors.

I looked into medical and criminal law a bit more and, because it is not too far…

Alumna Mimi Kyprianou (Robinson, m. 2011), an Associate at Clifford Chance with a specialisation in Tax law, uses her own experience to expel the myths and assumptions about studying Law at Cambridge.

We all love a good story, because stories are fun — they capture our imagination. Over time, stories can turn into myths, and as an 800-year-old institution, you can be certain that there are more than a few myths about Cambridge University.

Where these myths become problematic, however, is when they give rise to the idea that studying Law (or any other subject) at Cambridge requires some mythical…

Carola Brand is an Erasmus + exchange student at Corpus Christi from the University of Regensburg, Germany. Here she writes about seizing opportunities, and coming to Cambridge in a pandemic as a first-generation higher education student.

Carola Brand

I wanted to come to Cambridge to study law in an environment of the highest international levels of academic excellence. Besides its world class-reputation, the renowned supervision system was one of the main motivations for me to apply for the offered Erasmus exchange. Ever since I was told my application had been successful, I felt a mixture of excitement and intimidation. I was full…

In celebration of the UK’s LGBT+ History Month, Cambridge Law students Dominic Bielby and Gabriel Sibthorp-Quarmby use their passions for family and constitutional law to delve into the interactions between the law and LGBT+ relationships

A Pride flag waving in the wind

For minority groups, the law exists as an institution of conflicting meaning; potentially either a vehicle of progress and liberation or a tool of oppression and control. This dynamic is well-illustrated in the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and English law, for which the balance today lies in favour of equality, the march towards emancipation marked with significant Parliamentary reforms, such as the Sexual Offences…

Valerie Steigleder is a Visiting Student from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) at Lucy Cavendish College. Here she discusses her experience and the application process as a Visiting Student for Law at the University of Cambridge.

Valerie in Cambridge

After studying law at Heidelberg University for the past three years, I wanted to study law abroad to get an insight into a new, foreign legal system. During my legal studies in Germany, I mainly gained knowledge within the German legal system. …

One of our tenacious first-years, E.K., shares the struggles and challenges students have faced in adapting to studying Law in a pandemic, as well as the enduring joys, hopes and optimism that keep the spirit of Cambridge alive, even in uncertain times.

E.K., a first year Law student

I was first sent the headline news article, titled ‘Cambridge University 2020–21 Academic Year will be Entirely Online’ at six am on the 20th of May 2020. Roughly four months before I would set foot on Girton College grounds as a fresher, this news already set my expectations low for the new world I was about to enter…

Christopher Hose is a final-year Law student at St John’s. Here he argues for the advantage of studying subjects outside of the essay-based subjects that a lot of Law students study and not being a ‘typical’ Law student applicant.

Chris Hose

It’s hard to know what to expect from studying law at Cambridge at the best of times; I’ve yet to meet someone who was completely sure what they’d let themselves in for when they were applying. There’s a special kind of nervousness, though, that’s reserved for those of us that apply with what most would consider ‘non-traditional’ A-Levels for a law…

Hannah Samuels is a third-year Law student at Girton. She’s also a varsity women’s rugby player and a choral scholar. Here she writes about finding the balance between her studies and her extracurriculars as a Cambridge student.

Hi! I am Hannah, a final year law student at Girton College. …

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